Umeed Faq


What is the registration process to join 'Umeed' ?

i) Download the Umeed App from Google Play or App Store.

ii) If new Member, then create an account by following the steps on the App/Website.

iii) After filling all the required details, you wil be asked to enter the OTP. Once the OTP is submitted, the Application will go for review.

iv) Once your registration is verified by the Admin Team, a confirmation will be sent to your registered email id/mobile number.The response will be sent to you within one business day.

v) If you are already a Member, then login with your credentials.


Indian user can register/login using  the OTP.

NRI/International users can sign up using the email id & the password

Is my personal information safe?

Please read our privacy policy Click Here

Why did I receive an Admin Approval after submitting the registration form and what is the time limit of Approval? 

Once the registration form is submitted online, the Admin Team reviews the request and the details submitted by the Member.  The status of the Application will be conveyed to the Applicant via email Id or SMS within one business day.

Are the registered Members in 'Umeed' genuine? 

On our Umeed App there are two types of registered Members. Verified with blue tick background and Not Verified with black tick background.  ‘Verified Members’ are tagged on bases of Government Document uploaded by them.  However, it’s optional for Not Verified Users to upload the documents.  The ‘Not Verified’ Users are only verified via OTP (Mobile/Email Id).

Can I see the contact numbers and e-mail ID of other Members after becoming the registered Member of 'Umeed'? 

As the contact details are confidential and in order to maintain 100% privacy of our App Members, we do not display the contact details.  Once you are mutually connected with the Members of the Umeed App, the contact & other details will be visible to you.  This rule is Applicable for all Members.

What benefit will I get after becoming a Member of 'Umeed'? 

Umeed is India’s first matrimonial website for the LGBT Community.  Here you can find an ideal life partner with whom you can spend rest of your life.  After your registration in ‘Umeed’, you can see the profile of all other Members. As a gesture of goodwill, Umeed is giving you an option to contact one Member for Free.

What is the benefit of becoming a paid Member? 

Once you become our Paid Member, your profile will be placed in the top slots of the page.  This will give more visibility to your profile and you will be contacted very often. Paid Members have another advantage of contacting any Umeed Member according to the opted package(s).  The credibility of Paid Members is always better than of non-paid Members. 

How can I upgrade my Free Membership to Paid Membership or different any other packages?

Umeed provides you with various options for upgrading your current membership. Login to your account page and click on Membership Plan’s.  Once you choose the desired package you will be routed to Buy Membership Plan page, wherein you will have two payment options to proceed further.

Why there is a need for admin Approval after editing profile each time? 

Admin Approvals plays a vital role when it comes to online Apps.  Admin Approval acts as a filter to null and void any inappropriate or obscene text or images on our App. To maintain the hygiene of our App and to avoid brand tampering Admin Approval is mandatory.  However, you can still continue with your browsing while Admin Team is reviewing the new changes.  Within one business day, the Admin Team will update your profile.

What is the timeframe for edited details to reflect on my Profile? 

Whilst the Admin Team is updating your profile, you still have the option to continue with your search for your soulmate.  The Admin will update the details within one business day and you will be notified via SMS or Email. 

Can I search for a Life Partner in my area only through 'Umeed'? 

Yes, we do have an option to search your desired partner via Location Search.  Addition to this we have other amazing searches like Smart Search, Gender Search, Matrimony ID Search & Special Case Search to find your Soulmate.

 Am  I  able to chat with my contacts whom I have interacted before once my chat balance is over?

Yes, you can chat with your old contacts till your plan validity exist. There is an option to refill the chats, once your validity is finished you need to upgrade the services. Please note that free chat with one contact comes without expiry date

How can I report any Member of 'Umeed'? 

We have strict policies against any member who misuses our services. We need all your support and extended co-operation to deal with misuse of Umeed App.  If you find anything suspicious, offensive or fraudulent activity, you can inform us on “contact us” link or on WhatsApp with relevant proofs so that we can act upon your complaint & initiate necessary action against the offender.  Your safety & privacy is important to Us.

If I cancel my Membership after getting a suitable partner or due to any other reasons, will my profile still be on 'Umeed'? 

We will be very happy if you find your Soulmate through Umeed.  However, for any reason if you wish to delete your account, please be assured that your profile information will no longer be available in our database and not viewable to any of the members on Umeed App. 

How many Photo can I upload for my Profile?

There is an option to upload upto six photos for your profile. Out of six, one photo can be selected as your profile image. A profile with a photo gives you more visibility and increases your chances of getting contacted by multiple profiles.

How do I contact customer care?

Customer Support is our top priority.  We are always eager to help our Members.  In your profile, click on ‘Contact Us’ and leave your email Id along with your concern.  Our team will contact you within 12 to 24 hours.  Don’t hesitate and contact us anytime.- Customer care +91-87608-87608